A message from Richard Bonynge and the late Joan Sutherland

"For many years now it has been our very great pleasure to patronise and support The Joan Sutherland Society of Sydney and now Foundation. Since its inception in 1978, a small group of dedicated opera supporters has worked tirelessly to provide performance opportunities and much needed financial assistance in the form of scholarships and grants, helping inspire and nurture many of our young Australian opera singers to establish their careers.
Over the years we have been fortunate enough to attend a number of fundraising concerts and events which have highlighted the development and growth of many of our favourite artists. These singers range from young and inexperienced beginners to extremely talented seasoned performers who have graced some of the worlds’s opera stages and we are proud of all their achievements.

We are extremely grateful to the Society and Foundation committees for all the extraordinary work they have done to date and would like to thank all the members and patrons for their continued contribution. That support has given many artists the means to help them fulfil their given potential and provided the much needed confidence and security required to establish their careers. With expansion and growth we sincerely hope you continue to encourage, support and praise the work of this remarkable organisation and hope you too can take pride in the knowledge that you have contributed to the wealth of talent our country has to offer.

We thank you and those supporters who have given of their time and effort in helping our young artists."